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Brilliant Bunny -part 2-

There are a few bunnies out there, so why Brilliant Bunny is different?

It follows minimalism, instead of making something in 3d or following the photoshop trends. The goal is to go back where everything begins: tries to be as simple as possible while it would like to connect your adult and kid innerself. Telling a story or just entertains, meanwhile cover everything like little puzzle pieces which will get sense when you will see the full collection (yes, it will have generated section as well -using the nowadays “cliche” as its part of NFT)

“Sometimes dreams come true” for example two NFTs together telling you simple story:

Bunny astronaut2Bunny astronaut

Its also tries to show your favourite characters from different aspect (as Bunny):
Bunny morty
Bunny rick

Sometimes it going a bit deeper with pictures:
bunnyvendetta2Bunny FollowersBunny collectorBunny LootBallonpng2bunny21

Or highligts NFT miles with a picture:
Bunny boredbunny2Bunny Cryptobunny

Or just give you a Halloween fun fact:
Bunny Halloween
More to come. They are sleeping at opensea now.

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