BREAKING LIMITS PROJECT – NFT Collection Drop Feb 9, 2022

The central message of this collection plays with the dual identities of weakness to viciousness, agony to vitality, fear to conquest — how the fragility of the human condition has the power of the psyche to overcome adversity from the innate instinct of survival.

Get your exclusive NFT – limited to 10 lithographs per artwork creation! Buyers get minted digital lithography plus an 18” x 24” physical canvas art print hand-signed and certified by the artist. To preview the NFT collection, visit https://www.breakinglimitsproject.com/collection.

This collection is a representative evolution of self-preservation—just as a child that must master the context of an unruly world. The work is an expression of deep feelings, thoughts, and ideas that through time explore the depth and dimension of the human experience using the symbology of sexual, primitive, animalistic, foliage, and imaginative characters. It merges classical techniques, distortion of real subjects, fantasy illustration, vivid imagination, lack of adherence to visual principles, and optical illusions into amorphous, avant-garde creations. Each piece originates from an autonomic process — subconscious mechanisms drawn upon real and surreal experiences. The resolve is complex patterns, living creatures, and natural elements in bizarre surrealistic interpretations.


The collection will drop on February 9th on opensea.io/breakinglimitsproject >> Polygon blockchain – ETH, DAI, USDC, REVV.

Discord: discord.gg/breakinglimitsproject

Twitter: twitter.com/nftlimits

Instagram: instagram.com/breakinglimitsproject

Telegram: t.me/breakinglimitsproject

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