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Bored Rhino Club NFTs

Join our discord for get WHITELIST spot. DISCORD : https://discord.gg/FHu5JE3aCK

The “Bored Rhino Club” is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn and program-generated NFTs. Each one is unique and has its own characteristics and rarity stored on the polygon blockchain.The collection will be donating a portion of the profits and resale royalties to different charities.Mint will starts : 22.02.2022Mint on opensea.
Dear rhino’s members, we start our first invite competition! Help us to grow our community. We are a small artist-driven project and rely on collective support. We welcome every new member . Tell your friends and followers on social media about this unique NFT project and let’s grow organically together. Just as we have done so far, together we are stronger.

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