Blockchain Generations. Single-mint NFT on Tokhun

Blockchain Generations

Cardano blockchain real-time visualization


newest addition to the Blockchain Multilingualism collection from Cardano Noodz:

Blockchain Generations

Blockchain Generations at the Heart of Cryptocurrency

First-generation blockchains are designed to improve the financial systems in place by offering a decentralized monetary platform that puts the control back in the hands of the people. The most famous is Bitcoin.

Second-generation blockchains add a layer of conditions to transactions so that people can agree on terms in smart contracts rather than relying on intermediaries.

Third-generation blockchains aim to resolve fundamental flaws including scalability and interoperability which means blockchain can sustain mass adoption and not suffer problems like slow transaction time and closed systems.

First-Gen Bitcoin

Second-Gen Ethereum

Third-Gen Cardano

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