Black Hole Spiral 97 A

Black Hole Spiral

This is post 1 of 25 highlighting the 25 different base images of the Crypto Fractal Collectibles collection. The collection has 10,000 unique images generated around 25 different base images, and 400 different colorings of those images. If you are first to collect the same coloring version for all 25 base images I will custom mint you one of kind NFT. 

The first series, “Black Hole Spiral”, highlights the beauty of science and math. I love the bright colors on this one. If you look close you will see each section of the spirals that make up the black hole are other black holes in themselves. Its this pattern that makes it a fractal! 

What are fractals anyway? Check out this helpful article:

 Get yours today for only 0.035 ETH!

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