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[ Biomorph 1/3 ]

[ Biomorph ]

The Biomorph evolves in oceans of liquid metal on desolate planets. Gradually invading coastal areas and the land, it proved to be ideal for this species, which has a voracious and insatiable appetite.

Twitter/Instagram: @glauberbnunes

Work done purely on fractals with the help of MandelBulber. Fractals extrapolate our notion of space and repetition, it is like the essence of the biological world creating images attributed to the interconnections that exist in the galaxy.

  • Programs used:Fractal 3D and Krita.
  • Image Size: 5020×7194

* Biomorph 2/3 – 2/3 Biomorph OBJKT

* GENERATIVE Collection

Edition of 3/3 first minted at and for sale through the platform

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[ Drawings Collection ]

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