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Beautiful Death V.1

I have collection (

one of them, Skull Beautiful Death Version I. This concept is originate from I’m relax on the bed and think that what if I’m died What is I become? if you know about Idea Buddhism that when we died, we must become something such as angle, demon, animal maybe you come back to human if you is enough meditate LOL. So, I’m create this collection. There are 8 skull

1 Golden SKULL. Death with honor is I dream.

2 DORAEMON SKULL. Death after I’m watching DORAEMON. I very like Tanuki.

3 POISON SKULL. Death after I eat bathroom cleaner. once, I almost eat it because I broke up with my boyfriend

4 DEMON SKULL. Death after I argue with my mother because she don’t want to me study and work about art. she want to me authorities.

5 ANGLE SKULL. Death after I’m done surgery

6 BASTAR SKULL. Death after I was teenager. because I’m so bad child

7 VEGAN SKULL. Death after I don’t eat meat because once, I was listen Belief Mahayan Buddhism about DONT EAT DONT HELL.

8 PRISON SKULL. Death after I’m become bandit because I live with fuck Prayut Government that DICTATOR state LIKE SAME you live with Trump government but Trump very very very better Pruyut 1,000,000 percent.

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