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Bearish Bulls

The Bearish Bulls are a collection of 2,168 unique digital collectibles (NFTs) created on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Why a collection of 2,168? 

Our creators are real number geeks. Inspired by the Chinese numerology, they chose 2 – pronounced “er”, which is considered lucky because “all good things come in pairs” and 168 (li liu ba) sounds like “yi lu fa”, meaning “making a fortune all the way”.

The specs

Each Bearish Bull is programmatically generated from over 120+ possible unique traits, including shapes and colours of horns, eyes, nose, and more (out of almost an infinite number of possible combinations – 2,66717e10 to be precise!). 

All Bulls are unique, but some are rarer than others due to the probability setting of certain traits.

The Bulls are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Purchasing a freshly minted bull costs 0.02168 ETH

Claim your Bearish Bull

The Bearish Bulls are available on OpenSea

The Bearish Bulls were created by graffiti artist Pep Suljer (Barcelona, Spain).

The Bearish Bulls originated from alove for geometric design and a fascination with numbers. Both Bulls and Bears are a great source of inspiration in Crypto and in general because of their symbolic meaning and the duality. 

Find us on Twitter: @bearish_bulls_

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