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Barack Obama

I have lost my silence
 I had to get lost in this commotion
 I was a legend myself
 Eventually I became a people’s legend
 O silence, O mother of cries
 The instrument of my life was more famous than you
 I had a way in your arms
 Because wine is old, my poetry was new
 In the shelter of my leaves and fruit blossomed
 You took me to the city of memories
 I have not seen more pleasant than your magic
 O silence, O mother of cries
 I got lost in this commotion, I got lost
 Where are you to take me?
 If I had kept my silence
 Life was full of my screamsShouting for the oppressed, shouting for anger, excitement, joy, pride, freedom and shouting for the child, we are all shouting. This collection includes digital paintings (portraits) of screaming famous people
Digital portrait of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States of America edition : 1 size : 2480 x3508 pixe

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