ballerina dances


Swan King Opus 

Ballerina Odessa

pirouettes in ivory tulle

sounds of waterfall splash blue lagoon

changeling swan king under silver moon

tiptoe deer clan into grey woods

silent stars spread golden dust

a hush of winds in fairy forest

Stars and orbs float in the air

piano forte andante vespers

Unicorn king vlad is seen

as thunderstorm riders sweep in

dryad trees shake red and green leaves

a cacophonous uproar of birds

in the orange marmalade sunset

clashes of swords are heard

Shimmers of pink and yellow light

as the elfin world throw globes

a jeweled mist creeps silky fingers

to bring Beethoven chords again

and save Baltic mystic ring

all beasts genuflect to ballerina

hand in hand with swan king

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