NFT 066 Bops Only Orange 1

AUCTION 1:1 NFT#067 – BopsOnly (Blue)

Hi all Aggregators!
Hope you’re all doing fine out there!
We have a NFTYSK8 Auction going on i would love to let you know.

We partnered up with Hector from BopsOnly and produced 2 Boards together to promote his project

NFT 066 Bops Only Orange

The Yellow one comes with 100 items on POLYGON (that means NO gas fee for you!)
AND some special incentives on BopsOnly website like individual NFT consulting, promotion and much more.

The BLUE One as the opposite is a real 1:1 on classic Eth Chain and you can auction it in our collection on OpenSea (See Link underneath) till Friday 5PM pst!

NFT 067 Bops Only Blue

Don’t miss out on that one!
Yellow Boards sold 40x in just a few hours, so hurry up!

CU on OpenSea!

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