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Art of Calmness #19

The latest piece in my Art of Calmness collection. If you want to add calmness and art together to your collection, take a look. Original and unique artwork 1/1 #NFT #PolygonNFT #NFTartist #NFTpainting

Combine the energy of the universe with the movement of existence. The spirit of yoga is closely bound up with the spirit of art. ⚡️🪐

About Art of Calmness collection: An art collection that combines yoga with art, where the body and soul unite with the universe. The energy of existence and the colors and touches of art come together. Original artwork by Seker Mehmet Senyer (alias Sugart). Signed by himself.

Stay with art, always 🎨✌🏻
Art of Calmness #19 

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