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The Atomic Ballroom

118 cybernetic-psychedelic, pixel art inspired, animated 1/1 profiles! Expressing a love for color, unions of opposites, clashes of culture, imagination, and the exploration of both fantastical & human experiences, no two pieces are the same!

The Atomic Ballroom exhibits digital avatars to create vivid, collectable NFT PFPs! Each comes with a variety of RPG-like classes, races & traits! As the collection & community grows, so too will the story of The Atomic Ballroom, with future expansion collections & more! Every owner also unlocks access to a short trivia about the creation of the piece, as well as a private link to HD files to download and show off on social media!

As an independent fundraiser, 50% of all NFT sales go to a charity or charitable causes from the list below:


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  • #cyberpunk
  • #dark art
  • #trippy
  • #neon
  • #colorful art
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