Ape-Man Brain Batch 2


This is the second batch in the collection of Ape-Man Brain, and has just been released. The first Batch contained 25 unique Ape-Man Brains for sale, at a price of 0.0005ETH.

This second Batch also contains 25 Ape-Man Brains, but only 12 have been released as part of this drop. The new releases has seen the price increase to 0.0007ETH, still a very reasonable $3.

From the first batch 15 sold of the 25, seeing a nice bit of movement with the NFTs. Grab your brain today, the second part of Batch 2 will see another price increase, with further Batches to follow.

Also note how the background changed from light blue in the first Batch to light Green in the second. This along with the numbering will immortalise when your Ape-Man Brain was created, giving early up-takers that exclusivity of having one of the first. Grab your Ape-Man Brain now for only 0.0007ETH

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