Angels pray for peace 1 3

Angels pray for peace in heaven

Angel of Peace

Heavenly angel of peace and of light

Make my dreams come true tonight

With your outstretched wings spread wide

I am so peaceful when I am by your side

Your love is a river ever flowing to the sea

Couldn’t be happier when you are with me

You help me to keep my  malicious demons at bay

I know tomorrow will be even better than today

In a world ravaged by war and disease

I just look into your eyes and I find peace

I think I could die while in your embrace

But all of my walls have fallen in place

You were born of peace and of love

You came to me from the heaven’s above

I love you more with each new sunrise

I can see the love reflected in your eyes

On your feathered wings we shall fly

We will build our mansions in the sky

From the moment you shone your light on me

You broke these shackles and set me free

My loving angel of peace and of glory

There is no end to peace filled story

I just hope that your love chooses to stay

But in my heart your fire will never go away

You took me on the path of freedom of the heart

We would be so much better together than apart

By Gary Edward Allen 2018

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