angel prays

Angel prays for peace

Angel of Peace

Above the burning,
and below the cold of all
the sad killing fields;

 Where poetry sighs,
smiling magic in the lap
of flesh and blood joy;

 Upon the shoulders
of elders carved beautiful
by sage artistry;
 Where a starbright gown
trails healing through gardens of
eternity’s laughter;
 In the arms of dreams
that shepherd hope through the eyes
of praying children;

 Under waterfalls
bristling silk storms from the shores
of my skin to yours;
 In the touch of a
woman glowing firemilk through
the tips of her breasts;

 Afloat on rhythms
of minds too stoned on love to
recall how bombs work;
 At the edge of a
man’s kiss casting holy spells
of sweet compassion;
 Inside the beauty
of faith’s unburied treasure
sparkling truth and hope;

 Beneath trees of song
heavy with angelic light,
evergreen with strength;

 Upon the wings of
nightingales trilling comfort
to embattled grace;
 In your heart’s whisper,
soft as love, that truly allis well with your soul.




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