angels pray

Angel prays for peace

He is the Light

He is the light within your hand

Left his footprints in the golden sand

His heart is the ever flowing river

Makes you want to stand a deliver

He is a kiss upon the wind

Our everlasting love we send

For he is calm and he is peace

Feel his love on the evening breeze

For he is mighty and everlasting love

You can put your faith in him above

He is the wind that comes from the west

He will bring out all of your best

He is an eagle in the sky

He will make your heart fly

His sacred heart that reigns above us

Showered in the glorious love he shows us

Drawing circles in the golden sand

His heart reigns over all the land

Gary Edward Allen 2019

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Ape Uzayli

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Astral fairy tale

Astral fairy tale