The project – The Oldest NFT 180 Million Year Old Ammonites.A Catastrophic natural disaster wiped out a sea full of Ammonites trapping them in the layers of sediment & entombing them until… On Sept 11th 2021 a slab of shale flipped in the tide, split and revealed these bodies to my eyes and the sunlight for the 1st time in 180 million years.I spent days, with much elbow grease, cleaning and releasing as many of the Ammonites to the light of day. Then I preserved the piece with varnish to keep safe until the next catastrophic disaster.Next was to photograph the slab and individuals amongst it. Using various techniques, auras appeared creating vibrant ghostly images of the lost lives.The final insult to this prehistoric Jurassic journey was to create these NFTs and again trap the Ammonites in the Blockchain for all time. This Project / Collection is limited to 204 Still Life NFT Artworks. All are unique. The first 4 are from the processing stages and marked so.To the future!

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