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All About Bob…

Gday Folks 🙂

All About Bob is an ongoing collection about Bob and his personal struggles. His entire family died in one accident and he thinks he is handling things ok, but is he? All the episodes (below) will open up in a new tab, or open the collection here in a new tab.

So far the story line has had great reviews…let me know what you think. Is this the kind of thing thats perfect for NFTagg???

The Collection Intro…

All About Robert is, well, all about Bob. This collection is in support of mens mental health world wide.

A man of simple tastes and pleasures he gave up the desire for material possessions when his wife and two children died in a horrible accident. Bob was so much in love with Jane that losing her was devastating. He had never been on a date since his family were met with tragedy, let alone a thought of remarriage. He missed Max and Jill, his kids, in ways he could never describe.

In a way he blamed their accident upon himself. If only Bob said no to yet more over-time, and just took them to the zoo himself…but who knew an Ice Addict was going to plow a stolen 4×4 into the side of the bus they took instead.

Bob has since lived a solitary life. Jane’s last words as she passed in hospital were “find you’re inner peace My Love”. Bob promised Jane he would try as the tears streamed from both of them, and her hand went limp in his own.

Follow Bobs journey for inner peace.

Episode 1…The Odyssey Of Underwater Origins
Episode 2…Bob had nothing but gratitude!
Episode 3…Is That A… 
Episode 4…The Magical Forever Doors 
Episode 5…The Barometer Is Dropping!
Episode 6…The Impossible Island

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