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Alien: Covenant – The very first concept art on @SuperRare

Alessandro, I don’t want Metachaos, but I want it to be inspired by Metachaos.” 

This is what Sir Ridley Scott told me at our first meeting after seeing my video Metachaos on internet. 

Winner of the first prize as best animation in the 2011 edition of the Prix Ars Eletronica, Metachaos has earned the blazing Golden Nica, considered the Oscar of the electronic arts.

So Sir Ridley Scott asked Twenty Century Fox to hire me for the film Alien: Covenant as concept artist for the design and art direction of some sequences at MPC in London, specifically the genocide of Engineers scenes.

This artwork was presented as a very first concept created: a set full of fractals and magnetic fields with a mixed construction technique based on elements of synthesis, 3D and photography (for example, these sorts of explosions around in the picture, were made by photographing iron dust stimulated by the magnetic field of the powerful Neodymium). 

This image was an important starting point, from which all other ideas were developed, removing, adding and modifying the elements of the various concepts that followed, up to the final film scene.

The dimensions of the work are 10.000 * 7500 pixels, a size that allows you to obtain a wide print with optimal quality.

I recommend printing on fine art paper Hahnemühle or Canson Infinity, considered unanimously as museum quality with a guaranteed durability of 200 years.—the-very-first-concept-art-27457

for those wishing to see Metachaos, my short film that inspired Sir Ridley Scott for the Massacre of the Engineers scene (asking me to work for him) in the movie Alien: Covenant, you can watch it here:

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