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9 Different Types of Tigers

There are lots of different types of tigers including the Sumatran Tiger, Siberian Tiger, Bengal Tiger, South China Tiger, Malayan Tiger and Indochinese Tiger. Wow, there are loads.

The Caspian Tiger, Bali Tiger and Javan Tiger are all extinct which is very sad, and many others are endangered, which means they in big danger of becoming extinct.

The most endangered species is the South China tiger (also known as the Amoy or Xiamen tiger) they are listed in the top 10 of most endangered animals in the world.

Out of the entire population of tigers in the wild, only about 3% are left, which is not cool at all, and 97% were completely wiped out in a period of just 100 years. That is frightening to say the least.

Guess who their biggest enemy is? It’s none other than us humans as people hunt them for their fur or other parts of their bodies and ruin the areas that they live in, called habitats.

Unbelievably, there are more tigers kept as pets than there are in the wild. No, they’re meant to be in the wild!

Their ancestors are the sabre-tooth cat, and just like them, they rely on those big gnashes of theirs to survive. It they lose those large and powerful teeth, they can’t kill anymore and they will likely starve to death.

Can you believe that tigers lived as long ago as 2 million years back? There were fossil remains found in China.

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