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The first form of a mirror was invented in ancient times. It was actually a small pool of water filled in a dark colored container. Think of this concept as looking into a fountain as you walk by and see your reflection. Believe it or not, you’re using the world’s first version of a mirror — how exciting!

After the water-mirror was created and implemented into everyday use, people started making polished volcanic glass mirrors around 6,000BC. Once this concept was created, it simply meant that no more water mirrors would be used or manufactured, thanks to this new concept!

 The first polished copper mirrors appeared in Mesopotamia. Polished copper is exactly what it sounds like — but think of it as a polished piece of metal that will let you see your reflection because it’s glistening.

The belief that breaking a mirror will bring you seven years of bad luck origins from Roman times when the Romans believed that by breaking an old mirror you also break your soul. Today, this is still a common belief among most individuals.

 Some people say you can hallucinate by turning off the lights enough to see just your face in a mirror. Concentrate on your face for about 10 minutes and the hallucinations will begin.

Mirrors can reflect sound waves, believe it or not. They are known as acoustic mirrors and were used during WWII in Britain for detecting sound waves of the enemy.

 Glass, the main component of mirrors, is actually a poor reflector. It only reflects about 4 percent of light which it strikes.

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