AI corridor RS

AI corridor

Facts about Mazes 1: The Word “Maze”
For more than thousands of years, generally people confused mainly about Mazes and Labyrinth, are they different or not. Some articles stated that the word “Labyrinth” is tied to an ancient greek legend, refer to a pathway which is winding, non-branching and stright to the end point. Meanwhile the word “Maze” dates back to the 13th century, it comes from the middle english word meaning delusion, it refers to a number of branching paths which is the traveler must find the right route .
 2: Generating Mazes
There are different methods to generate Mazes either created by hand or computer. Yet there are only two systems to generates mazes namely carving passages and adding walls.
 3: Solving Mazes in Easy Way
So many ways and approach to solve the puzzles or confusing mazes. Generally, the best way to crack the puzzles is called “right hand rule”. All of the walls are connected to the outer fringe of the maze, which means, trailing the right hand along the wall will help to avoide getting lost in unconnected passageways.

4: Variants of Mazes
So many sorts of Mazes was built, such as ball-in-a maze puzzles  (dexterity fuzzles which use a ball), block maze (completing  the maze pathway by positioning blocks) logic mazes (contain special rule, “do not cross the lines” to restrict motion) and number mazes (numbers are used to determine jumps that form a pathway)

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AI corridor RS 1

AI corridor


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