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The beauty of ballet is truly awe-inspiring – a wondrous display of grace and elegance that looks totally effortless.

1: Women were not allowed to join the ballet

Ballet originated in Italy in the 15th Century but women were not allowed to dance in public until 1681, so couldn’t join the Ballet.

2: Male dancers are super strong

Male dancers are incredibly strong and can lift over one to one a half tonnes’ worth of ballerinas during a single performance. That equates to weight of an average car!

3: They’re high flyers

During a full performance, ballerinas jump an impressive 900 feet into the air combined. That’s almost as high as the Eiffel Tower!

4: Ballet dancers are incredibly fit

Ballet dancers use enormous amounts of energy during a full performance. If fact, they use the same amount of energy that it would take to run 18 miles or play two full football matches.

5: It takes time to make a tutu 

Every budding ballerina dreams of the day when they can take to the stage in a beautiful tutu. These stunning garments take up to 90 hours to create – that’s almost 4 days.

6: Tutus make us happy

Staying on the tutu theme… these glorious creations can increase joy in 60% of ballet audience members.

7: Costumes are too precious to wash

The intricate details of many of the costumes means that they are so delicate,  it’s impossible to wash them between performances. Instead, costumes are hung up to air between shows and sprayed with freshener.

8: Ballet dancers have a special trick to stop them from slipping

To help them glide effortlessly across the dance floor, dancers rub rosin on their pointes and flats to makes sure they don’t accidentally slip. This yellow crystal substance is also used by string musicians to help them play better and to help baseball pitchers improve their grip on the ball.

9: Ballerinas have beautiful buns

The iconic hairstyle we know and love takes time to perfect, with 400 hours of styling needed per performance for all ballerinas combined.

10: Police officers make great ballerinas

Romanian police officers have been known to take ballet classes so that they can manage traffic with more grace and ease.


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