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Amazing Ballet Facts:

1. One ballet dance lasts on average of four hours.

2. Together, male dancers’ tights stretch across the length of the stage and back just over three times.

3. A ballerina wears 50 to 150 tutus in her lifetime.

4. One ballet performance can take up to 5,000 hours of practice.

5. Combined, ballerinas jump 900 feet into the air during performances.

6. A ballerina’s dedication to her craft can last longer than her physical ability to perform.

7. A ballet studio has 400 planks of wood.

8. A studio’s wood floor must be maintained by using a 17″ floor buffer monthly.

9. To prevent damage to the wood floor, spills must be cleaned up immediately.

10. Dance studio wood floors must be mopped using a micro-fibre mop head.

11. Studio owners may build their own floating subfloor for a fraction of the price it would cost to use a contractor.

12. Installing a floating subfloor takes two people about five days to complete.

13. A plastic putty knife can be used to remove gum. Do not use a metal putty knife.

14. A male dancer wears out 4,000 pairs of tights over a lifetime.

The floor should be re-coated with a new coat of finish at least once a year.

15. The sight of a tutu increases joy in 60% of ballet audience members.

16. Only a small fraction of ballet students make it to the big time.

17. Laid side-to-side, the fabric used to make leotards reaches farther than you’d think.

18. Ash barres are some of the least expensive barres.

19. One ballerina touches a barre thousands (!) of times.

20. The friendship between ballerinas can last years.

21. A ballerina can spend hundreds or up to thousands of dollars on pointe shoes.

22. Dance floors are swept daily.

23. One ballerina is enough to power one (small) facility.

24. Dance floors are mopped every three days.

25. When a male dancer catches a female dancer he uses the strength it would take to lift some of the larger objects.

26. Some ballerinas have been dreaming of this for one lifetime.

27. On Earth, there have been over 3,000 ballerinas.

28. The buns into which ballerinas style their hair require a combined 400 hours of styling per performance.

29. And then one more thing about the floors.


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