ballerina dances

AI ballerina

Swan Song Dance

A flower blooms beauty in the prime of spring

Dances as a dainty ballerina in the amorous air

Enters many enthralled hearts that solely sing

For her to dance to their tune with luring flair.

To her sensuous surrealist world she takes them

Their minds floating mesmerized in ecstatic air

Adulation plucks the flower from the drying stem

Youth wilts with passing years, she does not care.

Time plays with her lonely life the unkind game

She falls from the heights of admiration and grace

Gnawing apathy, an infliction she could not tame

Arc light fades as obscurity pervades to embrace.

Flower of her gleaming youth flashes on her face

She dances to the flitting rhythm of her swan song

Blaze of the last dance makes the stage a fireplace

She burns the affliction that agonized her for so long.

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