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African Mask Ashanti Moon Mask, Ghana

African Mask Ashanti Moon Mask, Ghana NFT

This NFT is inspired by the actual physical piece African Mask Ashanti Moon Mask, Ghana is in the possession of current NFT owner. The physical piece of art is also available for sale.

Masks are beautiful, there is more history to them then meets the eye! African masks like these are often part of a ceremonial costume and are used in religious and social events to represent the spirits of ancestors. The masks are believed to bridge the gap between the spiritual realm and the physical realm, bringing the spirits of the ancestors and other entities to life through their usage. They are used in events such as initiation ceremonies and masquerade performances. The masks are brought to life through dance and the atmosphere of the occasion. Many times, the wearer of the mask would also wear an elaborate costume to conceal their identity and add to the mysticism of the mask. reference:

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