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African Guere / We Dancer Figure…. actual piece w/NFT

African Guere / We Dancer Figure and NFT

This auction include both pieces. The actual African Guere / We Dancer Figure and the NFT.

This NFT is inspired by the actual physical piece African Tribal Guere / We dancer figure is in the possession of the NFT artist.

Dimensions: 26″H x 12″D x 12W

The art of Guere and Wobe people is stylistically connected and both groups are often collectively referred to as We, meaning “men who easily forgive.” Like the Dan, the We use a wide variety of masquerades, which hold important regulatory position within their small, egalitarian communities. Masks are owned by families and used by individual lineage members in contexts of social control, boy’s circumcision camps, and entertainment. Most We masks were created to frighten with the gaping jaws and tubular eyes. The style of these forest living people differ from the sophisticated, gentle and often refined art of the neighboring savanna-dwellers. We people produce a variety of masks often characterized by enlarged triangular nose, an open mouth and tubular eyes. Guere/We statues are rare. reference : 

youtube video reference:

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