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African Art Akye / Attie Fertility Figure , actual piece w/NFT

African Art Akye / Attie Fertility Figure NFT

This auction include both pieces. The actual African Akye / Attie Fertility Figure and the NFT.

This NFT is inspired by the actual physical piece African Akye / Attie Fertility Figure is in the possession of the NFT artist.

Dimensions 28″H x 7″W x 7″D , Piece comes with base as show in the NFT.

The standing or seated statues of the Attye are some of the most beautiful of all African statuary, combining the best features of Baule artistry with a uniquely “lagoon” appearance.

The bulbous arms and legs, serene face and stunning body proportions common to the Attye show definite Baule influence, but they are more daring in their execution, with exaggerated volumes, and the resulting effect is unusual and very striking in my opinion. These magnificent seated female and male figures are excellent works, with a dynamic blend of detail and expressiveness, and the carving when viewed from the side reveals an extraordinary profile.

The peoples of the Lagoon area are a loosely-mixed association of 12 different language groups, and their arts are rare and difficult to attribute. They are all related but, if studied closely, one may find elements that facilitate identification.

Figures among the Attie or Anyi can be a bush spirit. A spirit lover in the other world, or served as a spiritual presence during sessions with a diviner. Diviners or healers who would make offerings to the figures to carry messages to the spirit world often used Anyi figures. reference :

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