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Bizartree is all about theme based Digital Trading Arts and collectibles. All our themes are derived from the rack our mind that is motivated by being Beyond Beliefs. We are a community of young and old spiritual beings with human experience. We are driven by our instincts and thoughts. We are pretty low in terms of page three quotient but high on emotional and spiritual quotient.

Bizartree is an attempt to sketch the thoughts that are yet to be unfolded. It is all about beliefs that are beyond imagination. We are trying to build a community of individuals who believes that “Being Oblivion is just a choice”. We are calling out to all those possessed souls who can vibe with each other. Be a part of club and experience the ride.

Bizartree is platform for digital trading arts or NFTs minted on WAX BLOCKCHAIN. We are available on AtomicHub as of now while new collections on a different blockchain are being worked upon. We aim to come up with a series of trading cards and collectibles based on themes that are gripping. As the journey continues many new experiences shall be in the menu.

We believe in the power of community and beliefs of the people.

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