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A trainee that is out of her depth.

512C49E1 50E2 4689 94E6 23E0C2A3462C? is training to be an assassin by one of the very best there is.  But her ego has always been a little ahead of her skills.  Her trainer will not give her name until HE sees fit to “bless’ her with a name.  ? is very good at what she does, very capable, very focused.  But she had not idea about this foe. She has no idea of the skill set, the power that this foe has.  If she had done her research, like her trainer tells her often. If she would have done her homework, she would never have gone after Electrum, especially not alone.  Because of that arrogance, because of that lack of experience, she will not be killed, but electrum will let her live only so that she will go back to her trainer and let him know to never bother her again.  Villanous the trainer will be upset, he will be disappointed, but most of all he will not take that advise lightly, it’s just not in his nature.996641DF 4109 4686 8A5E A57911027BC5

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