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A few seconds full of emotion

Saut-d’Eau (German: Saut-d’Eau) is a municipality in the Mirbale district of central Haiti, near the Voodoo River. Its French name means “waterfall”, which is derived from the name of a large waterfall called “Le Saut”. The waterfall is said to have been created in the great earthquake of May 7, 1842 In the 19th century, it is believed that the Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel appeared on a palm tree there. In some accounts, this appearance is said to have occurred during the 1860s. The priests believe that the people around are superstitious.In 1891… a French missionary named Father Lenouvel considered the tree of the first apparitions the locus for superstitious practices and cut it down. After having done so, he went to the church, lost consciousness and died the same day. In this collection, I tried to show a corner of the excitement of the people of those people during the spiritual ceremony under the waterfall by digital painting.A mother holds her child during the pilgrimage of Saut d’Eau. The waters are considered sacred and provide a baptism, as well as continued growth and health for the young boy. Digital painting size: 8.36 mb music: David Fesliyan

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