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There is nothing worse than when you start
Being called a “businessman”. How smart !!
While forgetting what your house looks like
And missing what the doors smelled like
When your garden becomes your odorless office
And your flowers become papers and you witness
There is no way back because of a deal you need to finish
For “building” a future, in fact not distinguished from rubbish

What a loss it will be when you don’t even realize
Days passing by and being numbered against a wall
And you are after being called smart instead of wise
While walls of blindness and indifference stand tall
As your emotions freeze behind the money god worshipping
Imprisoned behind bars of desertion in a grey world smiling
Faintly, not to be compared with a smile once glowed with a blossom
When you sang the melody of freedom praising God the only awesome


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Spring flowers 1

Spring flowers