8 GGC Genesis Hanna

8-GGC Genesis Hanna

 Hanna is from the Asiatic tribe of women who left Earth during the Great Departure.  Her people have a rigid code of honor that created a culture of shame for the remaining men who couldn’t keep up with disintegrating values of the former historical code of bushido—the samurai code.  Men at one time harnessed this energy to fight with their very life energy, but as modernization occurred more rapidly, the men found themselves addicted to VR and robotic sexual play.  The women, like Hanna, soldiered for generations as men were slowly reduced from the field of female partnership.  Hanna only knew Earth in this period of social flux, and rapid environmental decline.  In Earth’s Last Great War many of Hanna’s people were trying to buy their place aboard the spaceship Sentinel.  Hanna was able to do this by convincing her sister to kamikaze through the palace gates on the Sandeeni’s South Island of New Zealand.  Hanna parachuted to safety, ejected from the aircraft at the last moment.  She joined Sam’s squadron aboard the Sentinel after the palace was raided through the opening created by her sister’s suicide flight. 

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9 GGC Genesis Kamyria

9-GGC Genesis Kamyria


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