48 GGC Genesis Hydro

48-GGC Genesis Hydro

These girls needed to cool the fuck down.  It all started when the dark haired one (Azyriah) started blasting the red headed one (Jolanda) about the insolvency that was imminent as a result of the rise of altcoins (she actually said shitcoins, but she wanted to keep it clean). Everyone just watched in awe as she spouted off about the stability of the original cryptocurrency and how these new products would be the downfall of Nymph, but the red head just couldn’t take it any longer.  She slapped her with a quick back hand and grabbed her by the hair, while forming a fist with the original hand.  Yeah, he was going to have to pop a cap and hose these two off.  After all, it was Hydro’s job to put out fires.

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