33 GGC Genesis Lacey

33-GGC Genesis Lacey

“I am the epitome of restraint!”, is the mantra Lacey started almost every day with.  First was a 90-minute workout at 5AM that focused primarily on cardio, then an efficient shower that included the perfect amount of pampering, then the waking and feeding of the blonde boy followed by him being delivered to the educational dojo and herself to the logistics center for work.  She hadn’t wanted a male baby, but when she was chosen as one of the “lucky ones”, she did not show even the slightest displeasure.  No, she had it under control. How did she balance it, you might ask? Simple.  For every nine days of control, she allowed herself one day of release.  Today was that day.  “Suns out, mother fucking guns out.” – Lacey’s one day mantra.

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