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3 guys with no jobs and a silly dream.

It began when I found out I had PTSD and spent 4 years trying to quell the demons inside with the best doctor but the brain is a little understood and to get a balance of medication takes a long time. I found out the illness was with me from my childhood (which was very tough) and even though I went to the army and was a military contractor afterward, the doctors said it had nothing to do with my PTSD, in fact, the discipline and sense of achievment was good for me. Go figure…

I was unable to work and lost everything except my fridge and a broken laptop! I was down and almost out. I searched for some way to make my life meaningful and at least earn a bit of a living. I scoured the internet for something, anything…then one day something caught my eye. NFT’s!

But…how? I’m not a very good artist and a worse marketer. I just couldn’t do this alone. I needed help from hard workers. People willing to put in the hours and the sweat to build something out of nothing. Something out of nothing? I knew one guy who had lost his job due to retrenchment and a harder worker I have not met with a work ethic bar none. So, I had one. We will call him Rabban. I needed another. Not just anyone but someone to that would fit in and do what needs to be done 24/7 if need be.

Enter the dragon! Feyd. A hard guy from the same backgrounds as us and willing to put it all on the line. Also jobless in a failing economy, ready to do anything.

Great! We had 3 guys to put the shoulder to the wheel and keep it there! What now? None of us were real artists! Covid prevented us from searching everywhere but the web. We sat down, prayed (none of us were particulary religious) and began our search. Within one hour we had a artist! Lori Jones is a graphic designer with a seriously demanding job but we needed art! She agreed to join and design anything we need like pamphlets (emailing shortly) and our website ( up and running in the next few months) and contribute some art now and again- good enough!

Great start. one real and talented artist. we needed at least one more. Someone with drive, guts and jobless like us! Come on the Gunn! From the Gorbals Glasgow and as tough as they come. He had one goal in mind- to be an artist. Express himself in art and stay away from trouble. He was able and willing and before we could even discuss it he had sent us some of his first work…wordclouds. Yes, naive. Yes, not too fancy but man did they have a message.

Lucky us. We could open a account on Opensea and shill our work! With me trying very hard to do my best and Sean tthem out, what could go wrong? We did all the social media, we were everywhere and working hard to make a name for ourselves as the ‘Art Hut’. ‘Art Hut’? Something wasnt right, I could feel it in my bones. The name sucked. We needed something unusual that no one else would think of. We spent two weeks racking our brains and getting more and more frustrated. Our NFT’s sucked, our name sucked….we sucked!

One day, I was sitting in my study (den) and thought about covid and the effect it had on our lives. We couldnt go out, we couldnt speak (masks), we couldnt do jack. ‘We are living like monks’ said Rabban to me over the phone…monks! Thats exactly what we were! Cut off from society, working hard, no money, no social life. Man, its like we were living in an Abbey!

TheAbbey was born! The brothers 3 were born! BrotherEventine (yours truly), BrotherRabban and BrotherFeyd. It just felt right and was a bit of a lauugh too. We started working with renewed vigor, people started to notice us. We started getting followers on social media! Likes for our NFT’s! Wow! Then a miracle happened.

An artist, Pierre De Villiers aka UnKnown, DM me on twitter one day. I had never heard of him (doesnt say much) but Sean Gunn had. He was an excellent artist that had already sold numerous works but was interested in cryptos and NFT’s too. Um…are you sure you want to join us? I mean, we are the little guys. Couldnt you just mint NFT’s for yourself and keep all the money? No, came the answer, too much distraction. He wanted to create art and art was in him. Ok, welcome! Our first real artist! Imagine the tips he could give Sean and the incredible art he made was just breathtaking.

So, TheAbbey was born out of strife, pain, financial embarassment and grief. We have all built and will continue building something wonderful in our eyes and being blessed with another true artist, Soldier Boy. Our future looks bright and we are tireslessly working to make sure we get known, loved and respected by giving out love and respect.

TheAbbey has given me a new lease on life and makes getting up every morning worth it. Thank you for reading this and we wish you all success in whatever endeavours you have. Never give up. Never fail.

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