3 GGC Genesis Gisele

3-GGC Genesis Gisele

Gisele has affective dreams. The dreams should be a great strength, but her angst coupled with her self-doubt has become a form of crypto-nite. Cassie visited her friend Gisele’s dorm and because her last vision was about diversity of powers and how this would dismember the DIC, she predicts that Gisele can fix the female race problem while she sleeps.  Right before she falls asleep, Gisele decides her first dream for Nymph will be a world without racial differences.  When she awoke from her slumber with tears in her eyes the world had changed.  Everything immediately turned grey and black in myriad tonal variety.  The beauty of the Nymph technicolor future was in that moment in crisis.  The problems of DIC governance were setting in.  Tyranny was setting in.


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