21 GGC Genesis Quexacoatl

21-GGC Genesis Quexacoatl

The Eunuchs in the court of the Professor used alchemical powers for more than turning gold into crypto. Quexacoatl was created in a test-tube on the South Island. Her genetic components came from the South American people.  This amazing Queen has Incan DNA bred with the sperm of Pizarro’s Conquistador men; her more modern genealogy involves the jungle smugglers of the cocaine trade; finally, Hugo Chavez was the last traceable male within her line. Quexacoatl’s subsequent rise within the tribal matrilineal rankings came as a result of her friendship to Sam. She is just as likely a clone from the ancient history of Earth as she is a cyborg in the new order of DIC.  That is the duality of a strong woman for you.  Her powers are mental telepathy, and being an aristocratic badass.  

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