AnteFame 2 ETH Giveaway

2 ETH Giveaway on AnteFame the SoRare of MotorSport

2 ETH Giveaway on AnteFame the SoRare of MotorSport

#SoRARE of MotorSportsGlobal NFT Motorsport League  

1. Join the only global NFT Motorsport League 

AnteFame is the only Global NFT Motorsport Fantasy League where your team’s results are indexed to the weekly race scores of the drivers of your choice. Starting today with single seater you’ll soon be able to add endurance, rallye, nascar, and more

2. Create your Team 

Build a team with 5 driver cards representing real race car drivers. Scout them early before they become famous, their performance will impact the value of your team. Add a rare manager NFT for a boost. Climb the world rankings and become the best scout in the world!

3. Become a driver in your own team!

Join the first ever hybrid Fantasy and eSport platform. Race against real pros and use your eSport driver in your own AnteFame team to have a direct impact on your team’s score!

4. Win serious prizes

Weekly team performances are based on real world results. Winners earn weekly prizes ($10,000 and exclusive rare NFTs) and an annual prize ($500,000) and winnings up to 200 ETH total ($1M max) per season. Additional awards, drops and perks money can’t buy are reserved for our Members and Winners

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