Actual Butter Flowerkid Scan crop smaller

#133: "Actual Butter" Flowerkid (SPECIAL EDITION 1 of 1: "BUTTERKID")


#133: “Actual Butter”
Special Edition 1 of 1 : “BUTTERKID”

“Well, Flowerkid, it looks like we made it. This is it… We’ve finally reached the point in our lives where we can afford to buy actual butter! No more of that fake hydrogenated oil stuff, no sir. We’re ready for the real deal. We’ve been working hard, and we’ve earned it! It’s time to treat ourselves to the best, the crème de la crème, the cream of the crop! Kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor, Flowerkid. That feeling of success is soooo creamy and delicious. Originally drawn in 2015 with metallic gel pens on sketchbook paper by RenPenCreations.”

This Flowerkid commemorates the final release of the Flowerkids Daily Drop project. After 133 days, we have reached the end of this series! But never fear– more Flowerkids are bound to appear! New derivatives and variations will be sprouting up soon!

See it on my DaVinci Gallery! :

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